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05 Sep 2018

What material should I choose for my kitchen worktops?

When choosing the worktops for your kitchen, there is such a variety of choice that it's sometimes difficult to know where to start. In this short guide, we break down the main differences between the materials and tell you their main benefits & disadvantages to help you make your ... (click to read more)

05 Sep 2018

What happens when we install your worktops?

We often get asked what happens once you've booked to have your kitchen worktops from us. This short video gives you an insight into the process from template, to getting the slabs at the yard, to cutting them in the factory and finally installing them in your home. If you have ... (click to read more)

04 Jul 2018

Fusion Quartzite & Viscount White granite installed on Yacht replica hotel

This weekend, the World of Marble team had a road trip up north to install the stone for a Yacht replica hotel. The two materials were Fusion Quartzite from Brazil, and Viscount White granite from India: The two day fit went well, and we're due back for a second visit ... (click to read more)

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