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Kaelo - integrated wine cooler welcomed to our showroom!

In March, we had the pleasure of fabricating the Caesarstone quartz for Kaelo's stand at the KBB show in Birmingham. The island in particular looked slightly bizarre in the factory - lots of holes in a large island! This is the stone during installation at the show:

It all made sense once we had fitted the stone at the NEC; each hole housed a 'Kaelo' - An open bottle host, Kaelo keeps drinks chilled and every sip at the perfect temperature:

Each Kaelo is mains powered and installed via a small hole in your worktop, and with a quick tap of the metal ring (the 'Crown'), it is activated to chill your bottle.

Here's David Yearsley & Kevin Jabou with the stand at KBB:

Kaelo as a company are one of the friendliest bunches of people we have ever worked with, and they have been kind enough to send us our very own Kaelo for our showroom in Langar:

Come and visit us to see the Kaelo in action - contact us to book an appointment.

16 May 2022

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