When you buy your worktop from World of Marble; we want you to have peace of mind that should anything happen to it in the future, we will help to rectify the issue. Most worktops come with a comprehensive manufacturer guarantee on the material (some of these need to be registered at the time of installation - links below).

To further put your mind at rest, we offer a warranty for two years after installation which covers any accidental damage like a chip, joint repair or staining issue, and we will always try to remedy any issues you have with our fantastic team of installers. After two years there is a small charge - please contact us for more information.

Registering your own warranty

You will sometimes need to register your own warranty - we will advise you on this after installation. There is quite often a time bracket that this needs to be completed within, so don't delay in completing your registration.

Please see the relevant page below:

Silestone warranty registration

Caesarstone warranty registration

Neolith warranty registration

CRL Quartz warranty registration

Cimstone warranty registration

Some Royal Collection quartz will need a warranty registering - please contact us to find out the supplier name.

Granite and marble do not require a warranty to be registered - please contact us should you have any issues.

Accidental damage

We know that accidents can happen, so our in-house repairs specialist can quite often fix minor issues like chips using a variety of techniques.

Watch these videos to see our repairs specialist in action:

Chip repair on Silestone Blanco Stellar at a customer's property:

For more information about our warranty please call us on 01949 869182.